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How to Contact Your Ex After a Break Up Video Tip

This video will reveal:

  • Why you will want to contact your ex and when or if it’s a good idea to contact them.
  • When to contact after a break up (not sure how long to wait, its covered in the video)
  • How to contact your ex for best chance to reconcile with them!

Hope you like it :) Let me know what you think.

For more information and a full plan on what to do after you contact, the next step to take, click here.


39 Responses to “How to Contact Your Ex After a Break Up Video Tip”

  1. ken 23 August 2010 at 8:01 am Permalink

    my girlfriend left. She was starving herself and I got on her case about not eating and then she started eating again but she was hiding purging. When I caught her she started to avoid me and then I got angry and she asked me if I would ever be happy and I said I don’t know. Secretly she had her family move her the next day. She will not talk to me. I never had an issue with her weight. I have been learning about anorexia and belimia but only after she left. My actions were all wrong. She said I am controlling and she was right. I didn’t mean to be. I love her and I don’t want her killing herself. I’m scared for her. This sickness makes her think I’m the enemy. I’m not the enemy, I was just ignorant. How can I get her to willingly talk to me again?

  2. Jhon 23 August 2010 at 3:45 pm Permalink

    Hi! I was in relationship for about 7 months, we broke and I didn’t call her for about 3 months then she call me and she said let’s go out and get a dinner and talk, i was so happy a the time then she told me wants to be my friend only but to ahead for relationship, I was sad but I agree to be her friend, then we went out again we were happy like friends, 3 weeks later I decided no to be ur friend I want something more and she didn’t respond me! 2 weeks later she call me and she said how r u? I moved with my roomate to diferent city just like 10 more minutes far away and I said that’s good and she said u should visit me next weekend and I said sure! She suppossed to call me but she didn’t so I text her, how r u ? She said fine and u? I said fine thanks ! So she didn’t said anything about to hang out like a
    she said before! So 5 days later I text her hope u have a wonderful day and she never respond again so since 2 months ago already she didn’t call me back again I’m so sad but I’m getting better , she change her number and she never respond my mail! I benn hang out with my friends and that’s it. I missed her so much I want her back maybe I was so happy when she called me ! I don’t understand I gave
    her time! What can I do to get her back? Thank u jhon!!

  3. Aaliyah 29 August 2010 at 9:05 am Permalink

    Ashley you are like a breath of fresh air. Your tips and advice really mean a lot to me and to know there is still hope keeps me in a positive frame of mind.

  4. jessica 30 August 2010 at 6:41 am Permalink

    heeey , my boyfriend and i were going out for 8 months we hooked up on my birthday and every like month we would get into a fight and he would break up with me we have been broken up for a month now and its really hard cause i them back soo badly and i dream about them every night and i know why he broke up with me and all my freidns say he still likes me and hes been hanging out with my friends witch he never did and i think it werid and i dont know what to do and he gets mad at me when i text or add guys to facebook ….. so bottom line what the hell is worngwith him

  5. Dan 31 August 2010 at 12:08 pm Permalink

    Me and my ex were together for two yrs and were engaged… She broke up w me… And I’ve been taking it really bad these past couple weeks.. We have had contact since we’ve broken up and I feel bipolar bc one minute I’m ok and the next I’m freaking out… I’m tryin my best to give her space but there’s one problem she cosigned my car and we also have other bills together… So we must have some kind of contact still… How should I go about this?? I miss her so much… And it kills me everytime I see her

  6. Elaine Chez 9 September 2010 at 11:33 am Permalink

    I met my ex 2 months ago at a party I threw at my home. He actually knew me from my old neighborhood abd we were just friends. We had a beautiful Summer of Love and then the unthinkable happened. he was temporarily moving across the country to help a mutual friend of ours move. My ex was so saddened that we had just met, fell head over heels for each other & he had to leave. We tried to make a pact to commincate etc while he was out there…well, a month & a half was OK but then the communication breakdown started. I was getting frustrated that he was there and I was here. He called me one day to say a quick hello and that’s when it escalated to Lets Call It Quits–I told him that the ‘long distance’ wasn’t fair to me…he was feeling strong, etc hearing from me but I was feeling zapped and didn’t feel that same comfort level. He wasn’t sure when he was getting back to the east coast. That’s when I said Let it Go. He was a bit upset and asked if he could call me back and I told him not to bother at that time…I was feeling very upset. Now, it’s going on 17 days and I am so heartbroken and missing him. I want to send him a note but don’t know when to send it or what to do! Please Ashley advise…Thanks!
    Broken Heated Queens Gal :(

    • Kate 19 December 2011 at 11:59 am Permalink

      this is exactly what has happened to me! it wasn’t long, but the feeling i felt fot this guy were overwhelming. i think the distance got too much for him, and i really do not know what to say to him, so he will talk to me :/

  7. Short Tempered Capricorn Woman 12 September 2010 at 3:25 pm Permalink

    Hi Ashley,
    I like all your tips and advice on how to get a hard man back?
    I feel confidant enough that. I’ll be happy when he notices.
    I’m a caring and loving person towards him. We met on a dating
    website a year ago? I was glad that we have some of the same interests in common which. I was elated and truly amazed by his
    responce to me?

  8. Mari 13 September 2010 at 2:59 am Permalink

    Hi, me and my husband were together for 1 yr. We had just got married. One week befor the split. I kicked him out because i found out he was talking to other women persuing them. It hurts so bad its been about a month. And we have had contact but things got worse between us. I dont know whats gonna happen now. But I did find out ( call logs that he is persuing other women) so i guess this is the end.. I guess he’ll never change. All i know is that i love him and i wish it didnt hurt…

  9. Janet 17 September 2010 at 3:46 am Permalink

    Hi, my ex broke up with me for some reasons that im too negative and jealous.
    We been togethr over 2 yrs,
    so he tells me lets starts fresh and slow. So we are in the “friend zone”,
    So, we txt everyday n see eachother at least once a week.
    Do you think we are dojng the right thing and still have contact?
    I am doing my part on changing the things he dislikes about me, but I just dont want him to get bored of me and find someone new.
    We dont text soo much just like a hello how was work?
    or how u doin?
    So what do u think Ashley, u think there is a possible chance to get him back?

  10. Happy Capricorn Woman 25 September 2010 at 4:49 pm Permalink

    Hi Ashley,
    I got some good news my boyfriend and. I got our differences mixed up and he finally apologized to me for everything and.
    I accepted it and he accepted mine too!! :) I was so elated that we
    agree with each other and now we are back on the right foot from before and are so much better than ever now? 😀 I feel relieved that we’re back and better than ever from before.
    Thank you,
    Happier than ever!

  11. Dan 26 September 2010 at 10:53 pm Permalink

    My Girlfriend is always breaking up with me everytime I get angry at her and point the things she does wrong. It’s like she makes me pay for her own mistakes. She never says sorry and after breaking up she never admits to want me back. After one year I couldn’t stand it anymore. So, last time she did it I just stopped all communication. Is she dumb? Does she knows that she hurts me? Can she ever learn not to say goodbye whenever she feels like it?
    What should I do to make her learn the “don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you” lesson?
    She hurts me all the time and she behaves like she’s playing with my feelings. Maybe she really loves me but now I don’t really believe it.
    I still have feelings for her and is hard everyday. I don’t answer any of her calls or emails for 2 weeks now. What should I do?
    I’m sure at this moment she is thinking about a strategy to regain power over me, instead of apologizing and saying that she wants me back and that she will not put me out again. I only need this and she never does it. Why? How can I make her learn it?
    thank you,

    • G 16 March 2011 at 12:52 pm Permalink

      Hey I was wondering what became of that situation, I hope you didn’t contact her again. I too was in a similar situation. I would have advised you to communicate with her that you want her to stop these things, BUT the trick with people like that is you have to do it when things are going great, not during a fight. When you do it you also have to be firm and set your grounds.

  12. Andy 28 September 2010 at 10:24 am Permalink

    hey my ex girl broke up with me and i have contacted her and she is kinda talkin to me and she tells me stuff and she says she still trusts me but why wont she get back in a relationship with me?

  13. Marissa 3 October 2010 at 4:26 pm Permalink

    Ashley, Congrats on your work here. I googled few sites trying to cope with the break up and almost all advisors were selling books like a vulture picking on broken hearts. At my age (35) I’m still figuring out love and was really lost after my breakup…. thank you for your to the point advise. Please know that you’re making a real difference out there… God bless.

  14. Phil 7 October 2010 at 1:43 pm Permalink

    Ashley, love your videos, My ex and i were together for 2 1/2 years, after she left i tried to get ahold of her, too much i think, after a while she wouldn’t respond anymore, and finally i stopped responding, but every month or so her family would contact me to see what i was doing etc. About 10 months after the break up i finally sent her one last e mail where she said she forgave me, I’m not sure if i have a chance, i’m afraid she’s really moved on. Any advice?

  15. jason 9 January 2011 at 7:21 am Permalink

    me and my girlfriend split about a week ago i really messed up we got in to a physical fight and now she hates me and i feel like iv tryed everything to get her back im really hurting and i want her back so bad i love her so much she told me she needs time and to contact her in a month to see if i have changed and still feel the same about each other and i agreed with her but what do i do how can i get her back and make her see iv changed

  16. Sol 11 January 2011 at 10:38 am Permalink

    I just got my X BAck after 5 MNTS. OF BEING SEPERATED. AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND Two boxes of condoms in his truck!!! Dont know why I bothered trying to work things out I should of got a devorce!!!

  17. randy 16 February 2011 at 9:06 am Permalink

    HI me and my girlfriend was together for six years take the good with the bad.Well three mths ago her ex boyfriend from high school got out of prison ten years and started facebooking friends and contacted her some how and they started talking this guy is a thug and gangmenber well i have a 3 year and when i found they were talking they made a move to date well.that happen this guy was spending the night in the same bed as my daughter.Two days before christamas she calls me back home and i did for two weeks. I asked to transfer out of town.She was sneeking behind my back to see this guy during that time i slept with her the day i left that day he has been there every night since i left.We have maintain contact everyday she is cold when i talk about us getting back together but as long as i dont bring up issue shes kool.Well i went home this weekend and she showed up at the motel two in the morning and we had sex then she left and never seen her again why i was there.The next day she calls for money and everytime i have help her well i gave it to her and today i decided not to have any contact with her.She want let me talk to my daughter at night when hes there and when we skype she flashes me her tits.I feel used i love this women i think she is going threw a phase in life.to this day i have be there and been faithful working on my self but in six years we have only went two days without contact do.she said her and her boyfriend got into a fight that why she showed up i think its bullshit but who knows she said she felt bad for doing it.today she has not called but its the first day of no contact this guy has nothing to offer but being nice without and responsiabities.Do you think she going to miss me i know its the best thing for me

    • mm 16 March 2011 at 1:09 pm Permalink

      Seriously dude man the hell up. First off stop having sex with this woman PERIOD. If you want to regain your self respect, stop it NOW. There’s no reason you should be sleeping with a woman who you know is sleeping with another guy daily. Unless you’re into that, and its apparent by your hurt you’re not. Once you stop she will continue to throw herself at you and will try harder because she will wonder why her strategy is not working anymore. And every time you rebuff you will feel much stronger, for now don’t stop talking to her, as you mention you have a daughter but even so don’t stop talking to her, instead use her to feel stronger, by overcoming her who is now your weakness. Running away now is a coward, and weak move for yourself. Your chance to walk away with dignity passed, now you have to regain that, by allowing her to throw herself at you and turning her down. Focus on the love that you have for your daughter and use that for strenght, that love should be much greater and stronger than what you have for this woman, because if you don’t overcome this woman, how can you teach your daughter to not be like that, and how can you teach respectful things to her, if you don’t respect yourself. Reading your article reminded me of a Bible text, haven’t read the bible in ages but i use to as a kid and you remind me of this guy who easily falls for a woman’s play only to end up hurt in the end, its a warning, don’t fall for tits flashes, or silly seduces, if its not from a respectable woman or seriously if its not your wife who loves and respect you. Proverbs 7:7-22

  18. kim 19 February 2011 at 2:30 am Permalink

    Please boo move on she aint even worth that if you no in your heart you love her give her time dont keep giving her money & picking up everytime she call yhu cause thats what she wants yhu to do and she gonna keep doing it and using yhu until yhu have nothing elese move on she aint worth all the bullshit im sorry Randy are yhu black or white if so try the other side like this women is not right me bein a black women and feeling the way i do i went with a man similar to her it wasnt worth the bullshit so i went to the other side

  19. landon 13 March 2011 at 4:29 am Permalink

    I dated my ex for 16 months, she broke up 2 weeks ago with me because she said she wasnt happy, I admit that i did curse her out alot and stuff but its not cause I mean to, I go to Penn State for Engineering and its not easy and i get frustrated and take it out on her, she told me shes done forever but we have broken up before when she says that and I was able to fix it, the only problem now is that we are 1400 miles away from each other, shes in my home town and I wont be back there for another 7 weeks, she seems to be making an effort to move on, but I got a feeling it has alot to do with being away from each other, I want to be able to fix the relationship. I havent been on her calling her and texting her I have given her space but im afraid that with too much space and no contact I might lose her, about 10 days ago, she told me she loves me and misses me but doesnt miss the relationship, I believe i can still save it because if i was back home everything would be better, i had asked for my stuff back and she randomly called me to tell me that shes gonna return it blah blah, some of my friends told me that its just her trying to start small talk and although didnt return anything yet, she hasnt spoken to me since then, i want to go to Florida and make things better but im not sure if she will still want to be with me, how can i save my relationship?

    • MMM 16 March 2011 at 2:39 pm Permalink

      Go to Florida for the weekend or something. Let go of your pride. Or send her a nice email, tell her you’re thinking about the mistakes that you made, and will contact her in two weeks after thinking about them, tell her give you two weeks for reflection. And dude seriously think about your mistakes and what cause you to reach a point of cursing out your girlfriend routinely. And stress from school is a bullshit answer, what happens when you have a baby or lost your job, or someone in your family dies while you’re married to her, if you can’t handle stress now, how do you handle stress when you’re deeply rooted in a relationship. If she agree’s to this, well don’t do it over the phone send an email, and if she replies do not reply, stick to the two weeks and reply only after, to show her that you’re a man of your word, and it will also have her curious to see the changes or listen to what you will do when you start speaking to her again. Who knows after the weeks of reflection you probably won’t want her anymore.

  20. Andrew HOLLIE 23 March 2011 at 10:08 pm Permalink

    My name is andrew im 20 years old and my love of 2 years has left me today she say she wants nothing to do with me anymore I said some messed up thing to her she left to michigan its been 3 months. and I was trying to do long distance thing with her but after while of her beging gone she stop talking to me as her partner but more like a friend I was wondering if there anything I could do to bring her backi really love this girl

  21. Lauren 29 March 2011 at 12:52 am Permalink

    I appreciate you making these videos
    and helping myself and many others get on the track of getting their boyfriend/girlfriends back.
    I just got out of a two and a half year relationship.
    And I screwed up so bad the first day/night.
    We were sitting in his car ‘talking about it’
    well actually, luckily he has a good sence of humor and could just laugh at how rediculous I was acting, rather than being turned off completely.
    I was screaming and crying and just in complete histarics.
    He said he doesn’t want to get back together this time, though.
    But! He said he still loves and cares for me, just he isn’t in love.
    And he said we can still be friends..
    … we’ll see about that (;
    Everything I have read is so true, and it speaks perfectly to me.
    Like why we broke up (it was actually the exact reason!)
    I never gave him space, always text him and I hated when he went out with his friends (I wish I could take it back :c)
    and how you react right after/during a breakup.
    Right down to the 80% of couples who get back together, break up within 1-3 months. (We broke up after about 2 months of getting back together)
    Since all of that is true, I really hope this advice works!
    Even if this works for me or not,
    Thank you for helping me with a second chance (:
    And in the past not even 24 hours yet, making me smile for the first time. I have a positive attitude for this,
    and I’m going to show him that I can change, without telling him.
    Like taking up a sport/hobbie, going out with my friends more and *prays* getting a job.
    I’m 16 and he’s turning 17. I know I have my entire life ahead of me, but my God, he’s the one. And everyone knows it.

  22. MIMI 3 April 2011 at 5:03 pm Permalink

    My boyfriend and I were together for three years. We were so happy…Everyone thinks that right after I graduate from college, we will be getting married. Our relationship was so special, like we were husband and wife. I always spend time with his family and friends..even her mom’s best friend. But all of a sudden he grew cold. I confronted him, he said that he doesn’t love me anymore, that he only thinks of me as friend that he needs space. Well, of course I beg for his love to come back. We both decided to work things out, I realized that he is not putting any effort to make things work, so I changed my number and cut off our communication. Right after reading articles on how to get over him and to win him back, I realized the reason why he left me. For two months (end of January 2011) we have been like this, having our own space.

    There is no closure in our relationship because it was just “cool off”. The last time we talk about our relationship was 2 weeks ago. We both agreed to just leave our relationship hanging and move on. But the truth I really want him back.

    Should I break up with him and give our relationship a closure ? then follow the steps on how to get him back? help I don’t know what to do. I love him so much. He is so busy and preoccupied with work, how can I make him think of me again?

  23. Rajasekar V 20 April 2011 at 2:36 pm Permalink

    Hi me and my ex girl friend were together for more tha 3 years and we loved eachother well and we had thinking like we are the best couples than anyone else. But suddenly problem arised between the two families and she told me that she going to listen her parents words and asked me to forget her. But i could not agree what she said at that time since i was mad on her. I pleaded a lot to be with me and i had more confidence that i can solve the issues around. But she simpy changed her number and left with no contact. Even after 2 years now am still thinking of her. Please advice how to get her back.each and every day my tears are goes down and i need her back.Sorry if the above information was not sufficent to provide guidance.

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Rajasekar V

  24. Bas 20 April 2011 at 2:37 pm Permalink

    My ex-girlfriend and me have been together for 2 years. now the relationship is over for 2 years and she has a new boyfriend. I still love her and want her back. recently she added me on msn-messenger and after a month she added me I told her I was still in love with her on which she respond that she didn’t think that much off me at all since the break-up and she thinks we could never be together again. do you think there’s still a chance? and how do I start now by talkin to her? the break-up was for 95% my fault. I do have had a new girlfriend and that was the moment she started to search contact with me again. is this because she just wants to play a game with me or do you think she is still interested? I am confused because she does add me on msn (kind of seeking contact) and when I finally speak to her she just talks to me like there has never been a relationship between her and me and on the reason why she does speak like that is because she thinks we were young about the time she was my girlfriend ( she was 15 till 17). please give me a tip because I really don’t know what to do anymore

  25. Ruth 2 May 2011 at 2:41 pm Permalink

    hey, me and my ex had been going out for 4 months, i know its not long but he was my first serious relationship and im a hard person to get along with. Ive did everything wrong to get him back, i talked to him constantly and everyone thought i was stalking him, but i just liked talking to the person that i still loved. The breakup was 100% my fault, ive told him im sorry and that ive changed but he wont accept my apology. In the relationship he said he loved me, that we had so much in common and talked about marriage, i was 16 and he was 17. He says now that he cares abit for me and thats all, it has been 3 months since the breakup, he says we can’t get back together but i always think that if he loved me before maybe he does abit deep down.
    I love him so much and i need him back, is there anything i could do to win his love, trust and respect back?

  26. Mireuille 7 May 2011 at 9:47 am Permalink

    I need help with my ex boyfriend. I was going out with this guy for 9 months. Everything was amazing. I like him a lot. He is a business man. He always travels a lot for He is business. Maybe once every month. We always stay in contact when is out of town. One day he left and goes in business triple. After 2 days without contact, I text him to see if everything was ok with him and he never reply me. A week after, He text me back and said that everything was ok he had a surgery and he is phone didn’t have battery. I did believe him. Than he came back and everything was ok and back to normal. After two week we plan to go to the move than, he text me and counsel saying that he had a dinner with he is family that was on Saturday so we decide to make it on Sunday, than he text again and said he plan some with he friend and he did apologies and say that it will never happened again. Than, I said ok. The next week was something dinner again with he is family so he decide to tell me that he will always see me in week days only and some time weekend. I ask him for the explanation but he never gives one but only fake excuser. After a month, he left to Europe again for two weeks I didn’t ear from him than I text him that I can never being with someone like that. Some day, he text me and said that he is grand ma was very sick. I never believe him than I break up with him. Than we stay for 3 weeks without contact I did miss him a lot but I didn’t want to call or text him. 3 weeks after he text me and said that he want to talk to me that was a week before the valentine is day than, I said ok. We want for a coffee and he said that he real want me back, He is a busy man but everything is going to be ok. Than I toke him back again. On Monday the week of the valentine is day He call me and said he has to go for business triple. I was a litter sad but what can I do? Than left and promise me that he will be back before the valentine day. I never ear from him again. After two weeks, he text me and said he need space and than, I said ok. Than he said we can be friend and I tell no. after 2 more weeks without contact he text me and said he has something very important to tell me again than we meet to a coffee shop. After that meet up with him to the coffee shop, He said to me that he is seeing someone but not serious. I was very hurt to ear that but I didn’t show him that. Tan I said this to him ( good for you) Than he reply she is not my girl friend just a girl we don’t sleep together, We just hung up than, I reply if she is good girl way not and good for you. Than he ask me if I see someone and I tell him yes the was someone around. Than he ask me if I have he is picture than I said no that he ask me if I like him than I said why should be with someone that I don’t like. At the some moment one of my girl friend call me that I answer my cell ( Hello han, I’m at the coffee shop with a friend I will stop bay to see you than I tell her love two.) Than he asks me so you call him han now than I didn’t say nothing to him. Than one of my friend call me again so at the moment He ask me please no phone than I said ok. So he didn’t tell what he want to say he just said that he is very happy to see me. Than when we left the shop He kiss me at my lips very quick one. When I get home he text me and said that was good to see me than he which me good night. In the morning he text me and said that he miss me and he like me but he is very busy and let being friend and we will see so I said this to him: you are good guy and he have a very strong feeling to you but I can’t be your friend good luck with your life and I hope you understand that. Than he reply ok good like with you life to you to. After one week, he text me again. He said: Hi how are you doing? I did not reply him that was Sunday. Than on Tuesday he text me I miss you than I ask me do you mean it?? Than he said I will never say something that I didn’t mean. Than I said: I need time. Than he said I’m sick and tired for you to always tell you are not going to talk to me again ok I will never text you again bay. I reply him you the last person that I need to be mad at me. Than he said I’m not mad at you. Than I ask him to meet with me this weekends than he said he will be out of town we can meet when his back. Please, I love this guy and I don’t what to do. I don’t is wrong with him. I need help Please Help me. I did all the contact thing but He never change what should I do now?? I never call him or text him now I change my number to keep distance but I miss him a lot. Please help me

  27. Havik 15 September 2011 at 6:53 am Permalink

    I have a boyfriend and we are together already 6 years.. 2 years before he was abroad and I met a guy.. We were just friends,after 4 months he told me that he loved me,and he had already known about my boyfriend and I told him that I could only be a friend for him not more… And soon I found that I am falling in love with him too. When my boyfriend came back,I broke up with him for some reason and we did not talk with each other for 7 months. Then in new year he sent me a message and I replied him. Then he begun to write me often… But I could not tell about that to my boyfriend. Days were passing and we were getting closer and closer and I understood I love him..we began to meet again talk every night..and in july I went to the sea on holiday he came too..we were sitting at the beach all night,we spent wonderful holidays there and came back.. All thet time my boyfriend did not know about that.. My boyfriend asked me to marry him,it was the most difficult decision to make.. I told him everything but he forgave me,and talked to him saying not to call me anymore..and now he has gone…I am with my boyfriend now but I miss him….I can’t without him and I don’t know what to do…please tell me.

  28. M 15 September 2011 at 6:57 am Permalink

    I have a boyfriend and we are together already 6 years.. 2 years before he was abroad and I met a guy.. We were just friends,after 4 months he told me that he loved me,and he had already known about my boyfriend and I told him that I could only be a friend for him not more… And soon I found that I am falling in love with him too. When my boyfriend came back,I broke up with him for some reason and we did not talk with each other for 7 months. Then in new year he sent me a message and I replied him. Then he begun to write me often… But I could not tell about that to my boyfriend. Days were passing and we were getting closer and closer and I understood I love him..we began to meet again talk every night..and in july I went to the sea on holiday he came too..we were sitting at the beach all night,we spent wonderful holidays there and came back.. All thet time my boyfriend did not know about that.. My boyfriend asked me to marry him,it was the most difficult decision to make.. I told him everything but he forgave me,and talked to him saying not to call me anymore..and now he has gone…I am with my boyfriend now but I miss him….I can’t without him and I don’t know what to do…please tell me.

  29. Jennifer 15 September 2011 at 3:54 pm Permalink

    Hi, I really like your website..it’s really helpful for me thanks..
    I been with my ex for like 10 months.. we loved each other so much.. we were so happy together… but.. I broke up with him too many times with stupid reasons.. and like 2 weeks ago he broke up with me and he told that we’d better be friends now and see how we are… I called him and texted him that I loved him and I fell sorry but he ignored all these msgs I sent him… he told me that I’m very important in his life.. but I done horrible things to him in past… I dont know what to do really.. I miss him a lot.. I can’t even sleep or think or do other things… Do you think he will be back to my life oneday? Im not sure if he loves me still or not… How long do I have to wait… Do you think he still loves me…I see no hope..

    • Danraz 26 October 2011 at 4:12 am Permalink

      Hi, i had a girlfriend whom we av stayed together 4 almost a yr.Av portrayed my true luv 2 her by sacrificing my time 2 b wid her.Despite restriction that we got we used 2 go on wid life praying God for overcoming challenges which He answered us.as i left home 4 college it took a month & she had another guy.have pleaded to her but she is not changing instead she promise of little luv until i complete exam november.what am i going to do to reconcille.pliz help

  30. Gavin 19 November 2011 at 8:45 am Permalink

    I’m 8 years old and we got divorced i cried we got divorced today 11-18-11 she’s the art teacher’s daughter.I really miss her please give me advice.


  31. Gavin 19 November 2011 at 8:46 am Permalink

    I’m 8 years old and my wife broke my heart I’m so sad we got divorced today please give me advice.


  32. Gavin 19 November 2011 at 8:59 am Permalink

    Thank you Ashley for video Kay

  33. Adski Alcantara 12 December 2011 at 5:00 am Permalink

    Hi, im a lesbian, and my gf for 1 year and 6 months broke up with me last december 2, 2011. She said that the spark that we had before was gone. i know i made a lot of mistakes like being insensitive, not appreciating even the small things she did for me. but i also did efforts to keep our relationship. Right now, she just wanted to be my friend and she said she doesnt want to have any relationship to a lesbian anymore, and she wanted a guy. Please help me, i want to win her back. i want to be the one to protect her. Sometimes she texted me if i already got home from school. She’s showing me signs but i dont know what to do. i dont want to make any mistakes to make her go farther away from me. There was also one time she texted me if i want to go home together with her. i dont know what to do anymore. we still contact each other.

  34. kylie 31 March 2012 at 4:02 am Permalink

    hi….this guy had a crush on me in high skool but didnt let me know….after 2yrs, we meet again and he tells me he had deep feelings for me back then but he’s now hooked, but after seeing me again, the feelings he had for me resurface and that he nolonger loves his current girlfriend….and i had the same feelings too..we then push out for a couple of weeks n when i ask about his galfriend he telss me he’s still working on that…..then i end the relationship for the sake of them both, trying to stay away….its now been a year and i havent gotten over him and i now want to fight for my happiness…how can i get him back without beeing so needy or losing what we already have,,coz its evident he still loves me….

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