GetExBack.net was created in June or July of 2008 by me Ashley Kay. I created this blog to help those seeking advice on a subject not that openly talked about. Especially amongst friends and families anyway. Most people would just say to “get over it” or that “she or he doesn’t deserve you”. But relationships are much more complicated and full of dynamics. Although I have to admit, some relationships definitely need to end for everyone’s sakes, on the other hand, we all know of couples who have broken up and gotten back together.

The purpose of the blog is not to “lead people on” or to cling onto some hope that you will get your ex back even when the relationship is doomed or not worth saving. The advice I give is based on my opinion that “everyone deserves a second chance”, and people should try to make a relationship work even if it didn’t the first time around.

The way we learn valuable life lessons is to make mistakes; whether that means you should try again with your ex partner or to move on to is something only you can answer yourself. I’m here to help you decide which way you want to go through educating you on what works and what doesn’t. That also means providing you advice on what needs to be done to secure long term success in a relationship.

My goal is to inform people no matter which road they want to take, so they can make the most intelligent decision.

I’m also the creator and author of The Ex Recovery System, a book I wrote while I was in search for relationship answers myself. The purpose of the book is to provide a step-by-step complete guide to follow if you want to get back together with your ex. Within The Ex Recovery System I reveal some of the biggest reasons people fail, how to regain power of your relationship and the psychological mindset you must understand before jumping in to getting your ex back.